S5: Finding Motoring Bliss

Motoring bliss: the nirvana-like feeling that a driver gets while cruising under the perfect conditions and surroundings.

I think I achieved motoring bliss this morning while I was cruising down I-205 southbound in my S5. I had the windows down, moonroof cracked open, the engine humming at around 2800 RPM in fifth gear, speedometer floating around 62 MPH, it had just finished drizzling a couple of minutes ago and the sun was peeking through some dark clouds.

The sunlight danced off of the water that beaded up on the hood and the air was crisp and clean. The sound from the driver’s seat was just about right, with the slight rumble sneaking through the quiet spots of one of my favorite songs. I felt the stress and tension built up over the course of the work week just melt away and had a slight smile breaking through. It was almost like I was one with the car… I know, it’s a cliché.

Just one of the many moments that makes me happy that I chose the right car. A grand touring coupé that just happens to have a 4.2-litre 354 horsepower/325 lb-ft V8, a third pedal and six forward gears, quattro all-wheel drive with a sports rear differential, and an amazing Sprint Blue exterior. mmm.