S5: Sprint Blue and Alu Optic Stone Guards?

Sorry for the lack of posts… I recently transitioned to a new job and that came with a fair amount of learning and work both during and outside of business hours.

Anyway, I have been pondering quite a bit on what else I would like done on my S5. One of the modifications that I have really been thinking about since picking up the car would be to swap out the body colour stone guards with the Alu Optic ones. There wasn’t an option to order one with the car, even though it was available for the 2011 S4.

I think adding the Alu Optic stone guard would provide an additional accent to the already beautiful coupĂ©. I’m not entirely sure if it should be done with a shiny finish or if it would look better with the brushed look (akin to the way the side mirror caps are done). Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of pictures of a Sprint Blue S5 with the Alu Optic package installed out on the web. Also haven’t had any luck of seeing one in person (much less, seeing another Sprint Blue S5 altogether).

If anyone has this particular combination, please contact me!