Audi For Life Web Site Facelift

Just as Audi makes varying changes to their cars and crossovers every couple of years to keep them looking fresh, I believe web sites need the same treatment. With that, I have changed the site’s colour scheme from red (inspired by the red slash that Audi uses on their S and RS emblems) with carbon fiber background to one inspired by my 2011 S5.

The navigation headers and accents are now as close as how Sprint Blue looks in the sun as I can make them. The background now closely matches the shade of black of the Black Nappa Leather seats; while, the page text is an off-white that is very similar to the Silver Alcantara inserts found in my car.

I will not be bringing back the carbon fiber background as it is now easier to read the text without it. There just isn’t a good place to put carbon fiber accents in the current design. Maybe the next web site facelift? :)

Other minor changes include tweaking the amount of “whitespace” around some of the page’s elements.

Hope you enjoy the new look of the web site!