Edmunds.com 2013 New Car Buying Guides Features Several Audis

Every year, the editors at Edmunds.com go through all of the vehicles for the new model year and select their top picks in various categories and price ranges. For the 2013 model year, they have selected several Audi sedans, coupes and crossovers as their top picks.

For sedans, the 2013 Audi A6 nabs one of three spots under the “Sedans Under $55,000”. The Audi A6 beat the BMW 5 series in one of their latest comparisons. The Audi A7 also picks up a nod for “Sedans Under $70,000” and the Audi A8 also took a spot under “Sedans Over $70,000”.

Under the SUV and crossover category, the Audi Q5 nabbed a recommendation spot for “SUVs Under $40,000”.

For coupes, the Audi A5 and the Audi R8 where recommended for “Coupes Under $40,000” and “Coupes Over $65,000”, respectively. The Audi A5 also got a nod under recommended “Convertibles Under $55,000” along with the Audi S5 being recommended as a convertible over $55,000.

Being the only Audi wagon sold in the United States, the 2013 Audi allroad did get recommended as a “Wagon Under $50,000”.

Interestingly, no Audi vehicles made it on the recommended Diesel vehicles. For 2013, Audi continues to sell the A3 sportback with the venerable 2.0TDI and a Q7 with the torque-tastic 3.0TDI. The A8 L will also get the 3.0TDI as an engine choice and should arrive in early 2013. For Q5 fans, the 3.0TDI will arrive for the 2014 model year.

Below are links to each of the 2013 New Car Buying Guides vehicle categories: