August 2013, Audi, Sales, CUVs and SUVs

For those that follow me on Twitter (@AudiForLife), you may have seen a couple tweets about the sales numbers that Audi USA announced for August 2013 and how the Q5 fits into things. I just wanted to elaborate a bit more.

Of the 14,005 vehicles sold in during the month of August, their three top selling lines are: the Q5 (3,845 / 27.45%), the A4 (2,804 / 20.02%) and the A6 (2,110 / 15.07%).

While crunching the numbers, I noticed that the total sales numbers of the A6, A7, A8 and the allroad lines still could not match that of the Q5 (3,824 short by 21).

Also, the Q5 outsold the A4 line (A4 and S4, but does not include the allroad) by 1,041. Keep in mind that the difference between Q5 and A4 sales for the month of July 2013 was only 187, in favor of the Q5.

As you can see, the Q5 has become Audi’s top selling vehicle and kind of mirrors how the Porsche Cayenne has been a top volume seller for Porsche. Both the Q5 and the Cayenne add a good amount of money to both marque’s bottom lines and also help bring in people into the showrooms.

It also goes to show how crossover/SUV crazy the American car market is; when, the combined Q5 and Q7 sales make up 38.01% of the mix.

Even though the new A3 sedan will help boost the sales at the entry-level of the marque, I wonder how much of a dent it will make against the rising sales of the crossover lines. It will also be interesting to see how quickly the American car market will pick up on the Q3 that will eventually make it over here (my guess is that it’ll have to wait until it gets MQB-ized).

Sorry for the rambling novella…

For those that want to look at all of the numbers, they can be found within the “Audi finishes August with second highest monthly U.S. sales in its history” press release.