S5: The Rear Seat is No Place for Me

While I wouldn’t have any reason for ever sitting in the back seats of an A5 or S5 coupe, I needed to get some cling stickers put up on the rear side window. Initially, I thought it would be easier to get into the back, sit down and properly align the stickers. Well… getting into the rear set was relatively easy, but getting out was a whole different story. My physique definitely does not help and there was not enough headroom.

Whoever does not call shotgun when they go for a ride in the S5 better be pretty limber or a contortionist. Does that make me feel like the S5 wasn’t the right car?┬áHeck, no! I don’t think there is any other reason for me to get stuffed back there. :)

I have since added 500 miles since possession of the S5, and all 500 miles have been very good (including occasional stalls).