Almost 1300 Miles and Rollin’

After taking some pre-dawn pictures yesterday morning, I noticed that I have almost clocked in 1300 miles on Dalek-5 and started thinking how the S5 has been as a daily driver compared to my old 2004 Audi A4.

Outside of the performance and handling differences (354 HP versus 220 HP, 325 ft-lb of torque versus 221 ft-lb) and loads of additional features and technologies (multiple sources for music, including two SD slots, additional iPod/media interface, HD Radio and Sirius satellite radio compared to a six-disc changer and 20GB PhatNoise jukebox), there are some things included in my A4 that I miss:

  • A cargo net for the trunk is not included in the S5, while one was included with my A4. The cargo net accessory for the S5 is a bit too expensive.
  • No grocery bag hooks in the trunk of the S5. This feature is included in my A4 and I used it quite a bit as a way to keep loaded bags from rolling around in the trunk.
  • When using the one-touch window buttons to roll the windows all the way up or down, turning off the engine stops the opening/closing process and requires me to hold the buttons up or down to complete the process. In the A4, the process completes until I tell it to stop with the buttons or a door is opened.
  • Due to the lower-slung roof, lower seats and longer door opening, ingress and egress is a bit less graceful than the four-door A4.
  • The fancier, sportier wheels with five dual-spokes each are a bear to clean.

None of the above are enough to cause me to get “buyer’s remorse” or lessen how much I really, really like the car. :)

I am still learning where the front wheels are in relation to the front of the car while driving; in which, has lead me to not pull far up enough in some parking spots or to nick one of the wheels on a curb.

I don’t have any new pictures of the S5 yet, as I’m waiting for a night in which the sky is clear and a nice open spot to take pictures of the lovely LED lights, front and rear.