Size matters: S5 shift knob

On the way home tonight, the odometer is showing that I am close to crossing the 2000 mile mark. Those miles have gone by pretty fast and I’m feeling quite comfortable with driving stick. Sure, I have stalled three times in the past two weeks and accidentally shifted from 5th to 2nd rather than to 4th; but, I’m getting much better at blipping the throttle while down-shifting and changing gears is getting smoother.

Something that has made it fun and comfortable at the same time is the size and shape of the shift knob. Before I had a chance to see the shift knob up close over a year ago, the Audi of America pictures made it seem like it was overgrown. In reality, the knob fits quite well in the palm of my hand and the oddly thick stalk adds to the already good ergonomics. The only tarnish is that the throws are a bit too long if I want to ram through the gears like a madman.

Now if only I could find the quarter that I dropped when putting it into the slots to the right of the shifter…