2012 S5 Coupe: Good-bye Sprint Blue and Black/Silver Interior

After looking at Audi’s 2012 US Ordering Guide, I can say that I am glad that I pulled the trigger on ordering a 2011 S5 rather than waiting for the 2012 MY vehicles to come out. Outside of the obvious reason of not having to wait an extra year, I would not be able to order a 2012 S5 to my liking.

For the 2012 model year, both the Sprint Blue paint color option and the black leather seats with silver (more like eggshell or light cream) Alcantara inserts are no longer available as standard options. Oddly, the 2012 S4 gets to keep the black/true-silver seats from the current model year. It is not known if the Sprint Blue paint option will be available as an Audi Exclusive option; even if it is, it would be an extra $2,500 or $6,000. Also, Audi does not provide an Audi Exclusive option to customize the interior for lesser models (if I recall correctly, that option is only available on the R8 and A8, possibly the Q7 and A7). Due to that change, I would have to either settle for either Ibis White or Brilliant Red and would need to add the Titanim Package, at an extra cost, in order to make it pop; something that I don’t have to do with Sprint Blue.

There is one temporary change with the early 2012 model year S5 coupes, the backup camera is not available due to component shortages. While I still use my eyes and the car mirrors when I back out or park, you know the proper method, there have been a couple of times in which the backup camera has been useful. Not having the backup camera due to component shortages would also irritate me considering that certain 2011 S5 coupes sitting in dealer lots have the camera.

On the positive side of things, those that are interested in a 2012 TT-RS coupe or an R8 (except for the base 4.2 coupe and Spyder) have access to Sepang Blue, a richer version of Sprint Blue. Sepang Blue is available for an S5, but would require paying extra as it would be an Audi Exclusive paint color. Still, the lack of two-tone seats would be a huge downer for me.