S5: 10 months and 10K miles

It has been just about ten months since I’ve had my lovely 2011 Audi S5. On the way back from this morning’s Cars & Coffee Portland event, my car crossed the 10,000 mile mark on the odometer. I have, and continue to, enjoy every minute and every mile sitting and driving the lovely car.

I have found that I am best at shifting when driving the car a bit more aggressive, particularly when I have the ADS (Lite) settings set to Dynamic. It is also a great cruising car, but that’s more like icing on the cake. Sure, it doesn’t have great, or even good, fuel economy; but, when you start the engine, run the engine up to peak horsepower (at 6250 RPM) or coast down a hill with the engine burbling at 3500 RPM, that just does not matter.

The combination of the Sprint Blue exterior and Black/Silver Alcantara seats makes it a true stand out car, even when parked around more exotic cars. While it cannot keep up with the exotic cars when it comes to speed, cost or exclusivity; but, it makes up by still being a looker and can be truly used as a daily driver, a weekend toy, and still do some track time.

Even after ten months, I have no regrets… none at all.