S5: Clear bra and tinted at 11 months old

At about 11 months after purchasing my Audi S5, I finally decided to get a clear bra and door edge protection installed. There were two tiny rock chips that I had touched up when the car was detailed and the films cut and laid on the car. The touch ups are barely noticeable and so is the clear bra from a distance.

In addition to the clear bra and door edge protection, I also had the windows tinted with 3M Crystalline CR50 tint film. While there were other options, including darker film, my main requirement was a film that does a very good job of reducing the amount of heat that gets inside the car. The interior of the S5 is mostly black, with the exception of the grippy Alcantara inserts and some trim pieces. The CR50 film is also not so dark that I can’t enjoy the views out from the windows while cruising about.

I have uploaded pictures of the made-over S5, along with other great cars, taken at this weekend’s Cars & Coffee Portland.