S5: Celebrating One Year with Dalek-5

As I alluded in my last blog post, tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of getting the keys to my 2011 S5. About as important as getting my S5, it also marks the first car that I have purchased with a manual transmission. I can tell you that, after the initial learning curve of the S5’s clutch, I do not regret that choice. In fact, I absolutely love it. As many other car lovers that drive a car with a manual transmission, I just love the engagement and feel of banging through each gear.

In the past year, I have made most of the cosmetic changes to the car as I planned. There are a couple of changes that I have either pushed off (wheel spacers) or decided against (swapping the five dual-spoke wheels to the RS5-style wheels). I have also decided against going with a Stasis exhaust, due to concerns of really excessive droning in lower RPMs and reverberations when coasting down hills with the engine in fuel cut-off mode. I’m still open to the idea of a more muted touring or cruising exhaust system, but that probably won’t happen this year.

For the foreseeable future, I also will not be chipping the S5. Even with my large bode in the driver’s seat, the S5 is still freaking fast and the relatively minimal BHP and torques gain does not justify the expense.

Two other cosmetic changes that I have been tossing around is to add a simple carbon fibre lip spoiler for the boot; and, possibly changing out the stone guard pieces out with either carbon fibre or Audi’s Aluminium Optic pieces. If I opt to go carbon fibre for both, changing out the front grille to Piano Black or an RS5-style grille would also be options to chew on.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not thinking about making those changes because I don’t like the factory look, it’s quite the opposite. I absolutely adore the design of the A5/S5 coupĂ© (I agree with its designer, Walter DeSilva, in that it is his best design ever) and any modifications that I make would accentuate the lines and the Sprint Blue exterior.

With that all of that said, I still love my S5 as I did when I picked it up. I still find myself staring and smiling at the car when I head out to work, after getting out of the car, or seeing the beautiful LED DRL reflected back while in traffic. No other car that I’ve owned has had that much of an impact; though, I still smile at my 2004 A4 as I walk past it as well. I think it might still be jealous.

Just wanted to close with a couple of pictures…

By the way, I will be at Cars & Coffee: Portland tomorrow morning. I would love to meet up with more Audi enthusiasts from the Portland metro area.