S5: VCDS Mods and Proper Front End

One of the first significant purchases that I made for my S5 was to purchase a Ross-Tech VCDS license with a HEX-USB+CAN cable so that I could take care of a really annoying feature: the LED DRL wink when the turn signal is on. I think it’s kind of chintzy and detracts from the design of the Audis. It seems to have been done, at least in the US, so the turn signal stands out when used. That makes sense, but the B8 A5/S5 sold in the US also have signal markers on the back of the side mirrors; not to mention, the signals within the headlight assembly isn’t wimpy either.

So, with the cable and VCDS software loaded on my laptop, I pulled down several VCDS resources, including this A5_OC post and this resource, and decided modify several settings:

  • Disable the LED DRL wink
  • Enable convenience window opening/closing via key fob
  • Set the Audi Drive Select to default to Individual
  • Enable the 3G MMI with Navigation hidden menu
Before making each of the changes, I documented the factory default values and settings in case I wanted to roll back.
Another change that I made about the same, I also decided to swap out the front license plate holder with a front license plate filler. While this could lead to fix-it tickets, but the US license plates just ruin the looks of the front. I have been thinking about swapping out the front grille with a black one (like the one from the S5 Titanium Package) or the gun metal mesh grille from the RS5. Unfortunately, it would be a fairly costly modification, but would rather put that money towards other, more useful mods.