Help Wanted: Oregon Audi Enthusiasts

For a while now, there has been a large contingent of active Audi enthusiasts in the Puget Sound area in Washington, but it seems that Oregon isn’t quite on the map. This is pretty evident when you peruse through the various Audi forms that have sections dedicated to the Pacific Northwest (including NWQuattro and AudiZine).

Now, there have been a number of meetups in the Portland metro area, but attendance hasn’t been exactly been very large (the exception being the combined AudiZine/NWQuattro meetups at the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Portland earlier this year). I know people do live busy lives, but I think we need a bit more representation and kick things up several notches.

While we do have a very active member of the community, Scott Mitchell of I Am Audi, that has done a great job with promoting and pushing the Audi brand into the new social marketing world; but, I think we need to also tackle the traditional methods. I don’t know if this means working with the local dealers for promotion or sponsorship, as this could potentially lead to conflicts between promoting sales and promoting the community.

I’m not entirely sure what needs to happen, but whatever needs to happen should be done with the help and guidance of ACNA NW to set up a group to oversee and focus on the Portland metro area and the rest of Oregon.

I am willing to donate some room on my server, and possibly this site, to help launch any initiatives for this cause.

In closing, I hope this sparks something to help get the Portland metro area and Oregon on the map as an active and growing region for Audi owners and enthusiasts.


  1. mikehussey

    Even i m an Audi enthusiastic and thanks for arranging the event in Washington. all can get up and attend this as the area is near by my reach.

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