My #LoveMyS5 Gets Even More Attention!

March 13th, the day that my 2011 Audi S5 coupé draped in Sprint Blue got its 15 minutes of fame when Edmunds posted my Readers Rides story about my baby. That posting caught the eye of Audi USA and tweeted twice about it:

@questionlp… LOVE this story about your S5! RT @edmunds: Check out Linh’s 2011 @Audi S5 Coupe on Readers Rides^DD  (permalink)

What made you fall in love with YOUR Audi? @questionlp shares his #LoveMyS5 story on @insideline_com‘s Readers Rides  (permalink)

You would be correct in that the activity on my two Twitter accounts went ballastic for a bit. Over time, the buzz faded and it looked like its 15 minutes were up.

Well, I hate to say it, but I was wrong. Yesterday, Audi USA posted something on their Facebook Timeline:

For some reason, I didn’t see it until Scott Mitchell and tagged me in their posts (1, 2):

I guess there is still a wee bit of buzz surround my #LoveMyS5! ;)