Updated: Analysis (and mini-rant) of the 2013 Audi A4 allroad quattro pricing

Update: I have updated the section referring to the Q5 engine options to include the 3.0TFSI and an update on the TDI model. It looks like the Q5 3.0 TDI may not arrive in the US until next year as a 2014 model. [Source: InsideLine.com Straightline – 2013 Audi A5 Gets Supercharged V6, Updated Chassis, Hybrid Model, as of 25 April 2012 17:20 UTC -07:00]

On Friday, 20 April 2012, QuattroWorld released US pricing for the 2013 Audi A4 allroad quattro. The A4 allroad quattro will be available in the same three trim levels as the 2012 A4 Avant: Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige.

The announced pricing for the 2013 A4 allroad quattro are: $39,600 for Premium, $42,900 for Premium Plus and $48,800 for Prestige.

In contrast, the base price for the 2012 A4 Avant’s three trim levels are: $36,400 for Premium, $41,000 for Premium Plus and $46,300 for Prestige.

Yep, you read that correctly, the A4 allroad quattro, even at the most basic trim without any really useful technology features (Audi Music Interface, Bluetooth and HomeLink) will be a whopping $3,200 more than the, to be discontinued, 2012 A4 Avant Premium. Granted, some of that increase is most likely due to the potential price increases across the product line (no official pricing has been announced for the other models, so this is part speculation and part educated guessing).

Move up to the base model that more people would consider, Premium Plus, the price difference is an easier to swallow $1,600. Want to go all out with the Prestige trim, the price difference jumps to $2,500. A good part of the larger gap between the Premium Plus and Prestige trim can be accounted by the more expensive MMI navigation plus with Audi Connect and Side Assist.

If you are a bit concerned with how Audi is pricing the 2013 A4 allroad quattro, you should be a bit more concerned when you consider what the A4 allroad quattro will also be fighting against: the Audi Q5. So far, the Audi Q5 has been a huge sales success for Audi and has essentially eaten up a lot of the would-be A4 Avant buyers. With that in mind, let’s look at how the pricing of the 2013 A4 allroad quattro compares against that of the 2012 Q5.

Before that, I want to state a couple of things. First, the 2013 Q5 will replace the 3.2-litre V6 with a detuned, 3.0TFSI supercharged V6 found in the S4, A6, A7, A8 and Q7. The Q5 will also be available with the 2.0TFSI hybrid and the current base model 2.0TFSI inline-4. The much anticipated TDI version of the Q5 will not be available until next year. Also, the 2012 Q5 2.0TFSI is not available in Prestige trim. All of this is said because Audi has yet to release the 2013 order guide for the Q5.

With all of that out of the way, let’s look at the base pricing for the current trims available for the 2012 Q5: $35,600 for the 2.0T Premium, $39,900 for the 2.0T Premium Plus, $43,000 for the 3.2 Premium Plus and $50,100 for the 3.2 Prestige.

First, let’s compare the base pricing for the 2012 A4 Avant and the 2012 Q5 in 2.0T Premium and Premium Plus trims. The A4 Avant costs $800 more in Premium trim and costs $1,100 more in Premium Plus trim.

Now for the price difference between the 2013 A4 allroad quattro and the 2013 Q5 in Premium and Premium Plus trims. The 2013 A4 allroad quattro Premium is a WTF-worthy $4,000 more than the Q5 2.0T Premium. Yep, $4,000. Moving up to the Premium Plus trims, the A4 allroad quattro is $3,000 more.

Huh? What the bleep!?! How in the world can the 2013 A4 allroad quattro be that much more than the Q5 2.0T at the same trim levels? Let’s ignore the potential price increases that would be in effect for the 2013 model year. Also, both the 2013 A4 allroad quattro and the 2012 Q5 2.0T share the same 2.0TFSI engine and 8-speed automatic transmission with quattro.

It seems like Audi is doing its best to appease their allroad fans by bringing back the allroad quattro; and that, the allroad quattro has always been more expensive than the Avant model it is based off of. Putting my tin-foil hat on, it seems like Audi just wants to sell more crossovers.

On that second piece, yes, the A6 allroad quattro was quite a bit more expensive than the equivalent A6 Avant. Part of that cost difference was due to the body cladding, more rugged components and different suspension setup. That’s also ignoring the air suspension and selectable ride height control. Now, look at the 2013 A4 allroad quattro and remember what isn’t part of the setup: air suspension and selectable ride height control.

In summary, the 2013 A4 allroad quattro will cost more than the outgoing 2012 A4 Avant; and is mind-numbingly more expensive than the larger Q5. As an Avant lover (wished I had picked up an Avant instead of a saloon when I bought my 2004 A4), this makes me pretty darned frustrated and irritated with Audi.

I understand, the stereotype is that Americans do not like estate wagons and that the A4 allroad quattro will be a very niche product. It is really unfortunate that Audi seems to be ready to really milk allroad and Avant lovers.

Don’t let my ranting stop you from ordering a 2013 A4 allroad quattro; but, I need to call them as I see them.


    1. Linh Pham

      I have not seen any pricing on the other 2013 Audi models yet, nor a partial order guide for the 2013 R8 and Q5. I’ll post updates on this site when I see and read them. :)

  1. Rachelle G

    I put a (refundable) deposit down yesterday on the ’13 Allroad, which I’ve been told should be at the end of next month. However, now I’m wondering if the ’13 Q5 is a better option. Any idea what the Q5 3.0 TDI (US) version may be priced at?

    1. Linh Pham

      Without an official order guide and pricing, it would be pretty difficult to say how much the Q5 3.0TDI will cost and when it will be available in the US.

      From a potential buyer’s prospective, the decision on whether to get an allroad or a Q5 comes down to a couple of things, including: preference of a wagon over a crossover, ease of cargo access and driving position.

      I have been thinking about writing an article on comparing the allroad with the Q5 in the coming week. It won’t be a comprehensive article due to the lack of a Q5 order guide and pricing.

      1. Linh Pham

        Thanks! That’s a great article and will be used as a basis for my upcoming article comparing the two, but still no pricing and no specifics on the US spec and trims :(

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