An Awesome Day/Week for Audi For Life in the Twitterverse

It all started with @Audi tweeting the following:

Someone probably needs to update this for the S6 ‪#thingsslowerthananS6

Well, that lead to the gears in my head to start turning, causing them to flake off a lot of rust and to squeak quite mightily, and I just had to respond with something. I started looking for the right picture of a BMW M5 (which saw it’s 4.2 seconds 0-60 MPH number crushed by the 2013 S6’s 3.7 seconds run by Car & Driver) and started fiddling around with it.

It had to be high quality photo and it had to be blue (my favourite colour, what can I say). I also wanted to pay homage to the above picture with the quad BMW roundels and used the same base caption. Once I located the right photo, I started the painful process (painful to me as I don’t do a lot of photo manipulations) of tweaking it in Paint.NET. If I had a bit more time to think massage the photo, I would have changed the caption colour to match that of the Audi red.

After some amount of time passed, I replied to Audi with the following tweet:

@Audi This is the best that I can do with what I have one hand right now. ‪#thingsslowerthananS6

By the way, “one” was a typo and should have been “on”. I also posted the picture on to Audi’s Facebook page (which got a pretty good reaction). Well, a bit of time passed and I headed out to grab some food. When I got back and brought up Tweetdeck, I was stunned to see Audi’s tweet (with the picture I tweeted) and the slew of responses:

We asked, you delivered:  Thanks, @AudiForLife! ‪#thingsslowerthananS6

All of this happened just about a week after the Hello Kitty #WantAnR8 tweet. It has been an interesting week on Twitter, that’s for sure!