Analysis of the 2013 Model Year Pricing: Part 1

A new revision of the 2013 Audi USA order guide has been leaked/released with pricing for most models; in additional, the order guide also provides information about the Audi exclusive options for the Audi TT RS, S6, S7, S8 and A8 L. Like the previously released order guide, information and pricing for the Q5 and R8 are both absent. Pricing for the S6, S7 and S8 are also missing.

Due to the number of new models and changes, I will be breaking this analysis into several blog posts. In this blog post, I will be focusing on the A3, the A4/S4 saloons, A4 allroad quattro and the A5/S5/RS5 coupés and cabriolets. Part two will cover pricing for the A6, A7 and A8 and part three will cover the Q7 and TT models.

Please note that all prices mentioned in this series of blog posts reflect retail pricing.

Starting with the A3, it looks like the 2013 pricing is the same across the board as the current 2012 pricing ($27,270 for a 2.0 TFSI Premium FWD manual, $28,750 for a 2.0 TFSI Premium FWD S tronic and $30,850 for a 2.0 TDI Premium FWD S tronic) and the Premium Plus package is an additional $2,000. All of the common options and packages, including MMI Navigation, 18″ or Titanium sport package and cold weather package will not see a price increase compared to the current 2012 prices.

Moving up to the A4 saloon, there hasn’t been a lot of changes. The Premium FWD multitronic still starts at $32,500 and the Premium quattro tiptronic start price hasn’t changed from $34,600. The Premium quattro manual does see a $100 price bump from 2012 to $33,400. Premium Plus is now a $4,200 price bump versus $4,300 for 2012. Going up to Prestige now commands a price of $9,750 versus $9,500.

If you plan on getting a Premium Plus and want to add MMI Navigation plus with Audi connect, the package will now cost $3,050. Currently, if you build an 2012 A4 Prestige and want to add the S line plus package, it will cost $2,000. For a 2013 A4 Prestige, the S line plus package now comes in at $2,950 and the Driver Assist package goes for $3,250.

The starting price for a 2013 A4 allroad quattro starts at $39,600 with the base Premium trim. Move up to Premium Plus or Prestige, the price tag will increase by $3,300 or $9,200 respectively. The Sport interior package (only available for Premium Plus and Prestige), which costs $500, includes front sport seats, 3-spoke steering wheel with shift paddles and four-way power lumbar for the front seats.

For the S4 saloon, both the Premium Plus quattro manual and Premium Plus quattro S tronic see a $300 price bump compared to the current 2012 prices. On the plus side, the listed cost differential between Prestige and Premium Plus is now down to $6,250 from $6,700. Granted, some of this is due to features that used to come with Prestige is now included with Premium Plus. Going with a Crystal effect paint will also bump up the total cost by $1,075 versus $475 for a metallic or pearl effect paint.

Those looking at pricing out a 2013 A5 coupé will see prices go up a healthier $750 at the Premium level ($37,850 with a manual and $39,050 with tiptronic). Jump up to Premium Plus or Prestige, it will now cost you $3,550 or $9,450 respectively. In 2012, that jump would have been $3,900 or $9,200. The 2013 A5 cabriolet also sees the same $750 price hike over the 2012 ($43,350 for the FWD model and $45,450 with quattro) and trim pricing for Premium Plus and Prestige.

On to the 2013 S5 coupé… By swapping out the 4.2-litre V8 with a supercharged 3.0-litre V6, the base Premium Plus price has dropped to $50,900 with a manual and $52,300 with S tronic. This represents a respective $3,000 and $2,800 price drop. Going with Prestige will now add $6,650 to the cost, versus $6,300 for a 2012. The base price for a 2013 S5 cabriolet is the same $59,300 as the 2012 model and moving up to Prestige also costs $6,650.

For those that want an RS5 coupé, be prepared to drop $68,900 plus the cost of any options or packages that you would like to get. Interestingly, there is no gas guzzler tax on the RS5. The Driver Assist package (with adaptive cruise control, dynamic steering and side assist) comes in at $3,250 while the Titanium package with 20″ rims adds $2,500. Want just the 20-inch rims and/or the Sport exhaust system with black finishers? Add $1,000 for each. Crave the ceramic front brakes? That’s $6,000. The Matte Alu-Optic package (which looks brill with Sepang Blue) is a tidy $750.

Stay tuned for part two, which will dig into the pricing of the A6, A7 and A8.