Analysis of the 2013 Model Year Pricing: Part 2

In Part 1 of the “Analysis of the 2013 Model Year Pricing” series, the pricing for the 2013 A3, A4/S4 saloons, A4 allroad quattro, A5/S5/RS5 coupés and the A5/S5 cabriolets was analysed. In this post, the prices for the 2013 A6, A7 and A8 models will be looked at.

As with the previous post, all pricing listed are retail prices.

For 2013, the A6 receives a new base engine, the venerable 2.0TFSI in both FWD and quattro configurations and in Premium and Premium Plus trims. Interestingly, the A6 2.0TFSI quattro tiptronic is listed as “4G25MA – NOT AVAILABLE FOR ORDERING”. As previously mentioned, I’m not entirely sure what that is supposed to signify. Either Audi will not be accepting orders until later in the year or if it will only be available in Premium Plus; at this point, both are pure speculation. Whatever the reason, the retail price is listed at $44,400. The FWD multitronic model starts at $42,200. Move up to Premium Plus will add $4,300 to the build price.

Move up to a 2013 A6 with the supercharged 3.0-litre V6, the price starts at $50,400 for the Premium trim, which is a $500 price bump over the 2012 price. Add in the Premium Plus or Prestige package will add $4,300 or $6,550 (respectively) to the price. That represents a $80 bump and a $330 drop compared to the 2012 package pricing.

For all A6 configurations, one can add the Cold Weather Package for $450 and the combination of Audi side assist, pre sense rear and power folding mirrors can be had for $500. The Innovation Package for the A6 3.0TFSI Prestige gets a slight price drop from $5,800 for the 2012 MY to $5,650 for the 2013 MY. The 2.0TFSI models only get one sport package option: the 19″ sport package. For the 3.0TFSI Premium Plus and Prestige trims, the 18″ sport package is no longer listed as an option.

Those looking for a 2013 A7 Sportback, get ready to pay $850 more for the base A7 3.0TFSI Premium than a 2012 model. The cost to move up to the Premium Plus trim has increased from $3,530 for 2012 up to $3,700 for 2013. The Prestige trim sees a $280 drop in price, $6,050 from $6,330. The Innovation Package will cost $5,600 (a $200 drop from 2012 MY).

Another vehicle that replaced its 4.2-litre V8 with a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 is the A8 and A8 L. As with the 2013 S5 coupé, both the 2013 A8 and A8 L with the 3.0TFSI see a significant drop in price. The base A8 3.0TFSI now goes for $72,000 and the base A8 L 3.0TFSI goes for $78,500. That represents a whopping $6,750 and a $6,200 price drop compared to the base 2012 A8 4.2 and A8 L 4.2. There has been some shuffling of what options are found in which packages and that comes with non apples-to-apples comparisons. Many of the other options and packages have not changed in price or the change in price is quite minimal.

The 2013 A8 L W12 sees a $1,000 price increase, bringing the price to $134,500 before the mandatory $2,100 gas guzzler tax. For the 2012 A8 L W12, the black Alcantara headliner was a $1,500 option but is now listed as zero cost option (versus “N/C”) for 2013. Oddly, it is still listed as a $1,500 option on the 2013 A8 3.0TFSI and A8 L 3.0TFSI. I’m not sure if that really means that it will be available at zero cost or if it is an error. There are two other zero cost options listed for the 2013 A8 L W12 that had been options with costs associated to them; or, have a cost associated to them when added to the 2013 A8 3.0TFSI or A8 L 3.0TFSI. Those two options are: Solar Sunroof and 19″ 15-spoke wheel design with 255/45 all-season tyres.

There are numerous Audi exclusive options available for the 2013 A8 L W12 and the S8, including various Valcona and Valcona/Alcantara leather packages, leather controls, leather steering wheel, wood adornments, carpet and mat options, inlays and cool box. Pricing has not been released for any of those packages and options. Choosing any of those will require a $1,200 Audi exclusive fee (code “AEO”). On the S8 Audi exclusive order guide sheet, the Audi exclusive customized paint option checks in at $4,500 and the Audi AG paint option comes in at $2,500.

Coming up in Part 3 will be a look at the pricing for the 2013 Q7 and TT models, and a glimpse at the new S6 and S7 Audi exclusive options.