#LoveMyS5: 25,000 Miles And Counting

It has taken me 928 days to reach the 25,000 mile mark on my 2011 Audi S5. The odometer ticked over as I was driving home from work as I was stopping at an intersection. Perfect opportunity to take a photo…

25,000 Miles

Even after all of those days and miles, I still #LoveMyS5 as much, if not a lot more, than when I first set my eyes on it. There are days that I still cannot believe I get to call that car my own. It continues to be a great daily driver and the fun of rowing through the gears hasn’t waned much (stop and go traffic sometimes tests my love for a manual gearbox). I still cannot get over the sound and smooth power delivery of the 4.2-litre V8 and the estimated average fuel economy of 16.4 MPG is what I had been expecting with a lot of city driving.

Can’t believe this photo was taken over 2.5 years ago