Nogaro Blue Audi RS 5 Wallpaper for Retina iPads

Just about a week ago, I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot of an Audi Exclusive Nogaro Blue Audi RS 5 coupe that had just arrived at Audi Wilsonville.

Out of all of the photos, there was one that I absolutely fell in love with. And, as with all other photos that steal my heart, it immediately became the wallpaper for my iPad and one of my laptops. After getting a really positive feedback from teasing a screenshot of the iPad lock screen containing the photo on Facebook and on Google+, I have worked out a version to share with everyone.

Audi Exclusive Nogaro Blue Audi RS 5
Audi Exclusive Nogaro Blue Audi RS 5

To save the photo, right-click the photo above and choose “Save Link As…”.

Huge thanks to the guys at Audi Wilsonville for letting me do the photo shoot and for helping out to stage the car.

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