In Photos: Ibis White Audi RS 7

On December 4th, a friend of mine that works at Audi Wilsonville snapped a photo of an Ibis White Audi RS 7 had arrived and waiting for an owner to claim it. I inquired whether it would still be there Friday morning and got a confirmation that it would.

So, before I headed up to Seattle for the Audi Club Northwest Holiday Party, I made the half-hour jaunt down there, making use of the back roads to avoid the highways and freeways that were clogging up due to the snow and ice that formed on the roads the night before. Thankfully, the back roads were clear of ice (visible or not) and the snow that landed blew away pretty easily as cars drove by.

The RS 7 had been parked in the covered and heated service driveway, but not too long after finding Scott Mitchell, the car had been pulled out and parked in front of the store. For the next 25 or so minutes, I was out with my gloves and beanie on taking photos with my Nikon D800E and a trio of lenses at hand: a 24mm f/3.5 PC-E, 50mm f/1.4G and a 85mm f/1.8D.

The Ibis White RS 7 was optioned with the Comfort Seating Package (which means no honeycomb contrast stitching), Carbon-Optics Package (sans “quattro” split grille), Innovation Package, Driver Assistance Plus Package and Cold Weather Package.












I was back down at Audi Wilsonville to bring my S5 in for its 35,000 mile scheduled maintenance and heard that the RS 7 has been bespoken for and had a lovely red bow on it. Yeah, I had to take a photo of it.


I would like to thank Scott Mitchell and Audi Wilsonville for providing the opportunity to take photos of the RS 7 before it found a new home.