Audi #SharkFin Photos For #SharkWeek

Two years ago, I took a collection of photos of various Audi shark fin antenna photos while out at Portland Cars and Coffee, down at Audi Wilsonville or while walking through Sunset Audi’s car lot. Those photos them became a slight hit when it was shared out by Audi USA’s social media accounts.

DSC01033This year, I decided to do another series of shark fin photos for Shark Week; but, this time, I was up at Audi Expo and used the opportunity to take photos from Audi models and of various generations. The following are some of my favorites: D8E_9329D8E_9330D8E_9333D8E_9336D8E_9340D8E_9341

Although there hasn’t been as much buzz on the social media side of things this year, it was still fun to take the photos as a mini-escape from taking other photos at a large event like Audi Expo.

The rest of the shark fin photos can be found on Flickr in my “20 Jun 2015 Audi Shark Fins at Audi Expo” photo album.