So… my Twitter feed a-sploded again, this time for #SharkWeek

A couple of days ago, while I was looking through various pictures of my #LoveMyS5, I ran across a picture that I took of it’s radio and GPS antenna and shared it on Instagram:

Although I had originally captioned the original photo on Picasa with:

The S5 shark is swimming in its own reflection.

I didn’t remember that when I posted a version of the photo on to Instagram. Well, Paul Meyers of M80 picked up on that it kind of looks like a shark and that it was a couple of days before Discovery’s Shark Week. Paul had posted a comment that simply said “#SharkWeek”.

Anyway, I moved on and continued along my merry way… that is, until tonight when the following happened:

Yep, Audi posted up my Instagram picture on their Instagram feed and sent out a tweet about it. Let’s just say that my phone and Tweetdeck app go all a flutter.

Thank you Audi!


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