Two years with my #LoveMyS5

Two years ago today, I wrapped up the paperwork and got the keys to the Sprint Blue 2011 S5 coupé that I had filled out the order sheet and placed the deposit on four months earlier.

Today, that same S5 now has over 21,000 miles clocked on the odometer, still wearing the same Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres (though that’s about to change) and has gone through who knows how many gallons of petrol. According to the information display, the last 6,000 or so miles have been clocked in at about 16.4 MPG. The windows have been tinted, the front covered in clear bra and a couple of rock chips have been had and some taken care of.

I have also taken care of some annoyances by way of VCDS, including: disabled the LED DRL wink when the turn signals are on, set the Drive Select controls to default to Individual and enabled the convenience window function for the key fob. Even with those annoyances taken care of, other annoyances still exist. The biggest annoyance that has been looked at a couple of times includes an rattle from either the rear shelf or driver-side boot lid arm components; as well as, an intermittent squeak that happens either behind or above the glove box compartment.

I have taken my S5 to Seattle and Tacoma several times, including a visit to this year’s Audi Expo at Griot’s Garage (blog post and pics). I have also ventured out to Hood River, Mt. Hood, The Dalles and central Oregon several times. Sadly, no long road trips yet… but that may change next year.

My love for my S5 has spawned #LoveMyS5, the story behind my S5 and numerous tweets and Facebook posts about #LoveMyS5.

The past two years with my S5 has been fun and I continue to love it, even with its squeaks and rattles. I look forward to getting new tyres for my S5, install an AWE Touring exhaust sytem and possibly other tweaks and mods over the next year. I’m not sure what the next couple of years will bring for my S5, but I know that I continue to love and enjoy it.