Wallpaper: #LoveMyS5 at the Eastbank Esplanade

Before stopping by PDX C&C last Saturday, I decided to drive to one of my favourite spots in downtown Portland to take some pictures. That spot is on the eastside of the Willamette river, across from the Waterfront Park, called Eastbank Esplanade. Located right by OMSI and underneath the Marquam Bridge.

After taking photos of the bridge and overpass, I decided to take a photo of my 2011 S5 coupé as it was sitting alone in the parking lot. I have since created wallpapers based on that photo to show off one of the many reasons why I #LoveMyS5: I just love how beautiful it looks, even in the shade.

You can right-click on the wallpaper size that you would like to download and choose “Save Link As…”.